Below are some of the more popular, old-school barber shop with custom mens haircuts that we are asked to recreate.  No matter the look you desire, our trained hairstylists and barbers of BarrelHouse Barber Lounge will get it done to perfection.

Classic Pompadour Hairstyle

A very popular haircut that is admired and adored by the majority of people. This hairstyle is an iconic one that remains in the wish list of clients at the barbershop. It comes with a fade on the sides, and on top, there is a textured styling.

Retro Quiff Hairstyle

This retro quiff is yet another wildly famous hairstyle amongst men, and it is very similar to a textured-modern quiff. A skilled barber of BarrelHouse barber shop will be able to give you a neat look of this hairstyle keeping in mind the natural look of it.

Old School Slicked Back Hair

Majority of clients ask the barbers for this awesome hairstyle. The common perception about this hairstyle is that it makes the men look appealing and attractive. Its maintenance is easy, and a barber doesn’t have to spend much time on its making.

Gangster Haircuts

This hairstyle was wildly worn and made by the celebrities of the 20th century. They were the pioneers and trendsetters who made it so famous. It gives you a look of an upright decent businessman.

Traditional Side Part Haircut

The side part haircut represents a fine-looking man’s hairdo. It is a symbol of sophistication and a height of being best. This traditional look wraps up with an ultimate grace and charm.

Old-Fashioned Comb Over Hairstyle

This hairstyle is all about charisma, style and modishness. All this come together in this old school comb-over style. This dapper look comes with the comb-over style and offers a great deal of allure.

Retro Finger Waves

This hairstyle goes classy with the men who have bit curly hair. It comes with a bit of side part and long, dense hair on top, and the top is brushed on one side. It is that side where the curly hair is left unkempt.

Rebellious Rockabilly Jelly Roll

It is another flashback of 50’s, in that era, it was very popular, and in modern times it is being demanded highly by men.

Old School Bad Boy Haircut

It comes with short sides, and the sides are pointed with scissors. On top, the length of hair is medium to long and with a grown beard. It is too purely a natural hairstyle that delivers volume.

Old School Textured Cut and Blend of Highlights

This hairstyle sits great on square shaped face and on oval faces. On the crown area of your head, it gives you a puffy look. A slight hint of highlight blend on your hair gives you a perfect sassy look.

Combed Backward Cuts

This hairstyle is unique because it has a different length from all sides, with backward combing you tend to get a beautiful neat look.

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