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Bringing Back The Old School Barber Shop Experience by providing a comfortable environment for anyone that walks through our doors. Welcome to BarrelHouse.

Tampa’s BarrelHouse Barber Lounge

Who We Are

Have you looked for a barber shop where you actually feel happy with the results you were hoping for and completely comfortable at the shop?

Look no further, We are BarrelHouse Barber and centrally located in the Tampa Bay Area!

We are a full-service barber lounge, offering haircuts, beard/shave services and combined services.

Our lounge is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) area so that anyone coming in, whether receiving a service or not, can enjoy themselves.

The Barber Shop Near Me

For last few years the trend of hairstyling has been prevailing all-over. Gone are the days when salons and parlors were considered the womanly thing, now men too are very much concerned about their appearance, hairstyle etc. The modern age demands modernism and trends following, and it has also become a matter of style to follow all the crazy new happenings. Now men prefer to go to barbershops, the barbershops too have evolved and have turned into a huge well-equipped lounge that delivers the number of services to its clients. For the quick transformation of hair, one must know which barbershop is near him. Being the dweller of Tampa Florida, BarrelHouse Barber Lounge is near you, and we offer ample amount of services to our clients.

A Brief History of Barbershops

It was the epoch of 1940s when the trend of barbershops went on a height, and it was great to see how all men used to get socialize with one another, this hangouts of men in barbershops made it earned more fame. Men love to go to salons not just for haircutting and shaving but for the quality time that they used to spend with one another.

Why Should You Come BarrelHouse Barber Lounge?

The simplest answer to Why us? Could be because you want the best barbers, hairstylists and another handful of services at affordable prices.

There are so many barbershops near your house that you get into an embarrassment of riches that which one you should opt for? The problem with some of the salons is that not all of them have skilled barbers. They are more cosmetologists and fewer barbers, and I am sure you want a splendid hair cut not a dopey-looking one. So, you need to take a walk to our BarrelHouse barbershop and get the finest haircut.

We offer a wide range of services for men

We believe that your hair is an essential component of your face, their beauty will add beauty to your face, and their clumsiness will distort the charm of your face.

Did we mention our BYOB Barrel?  You can drink while you get a cut or wait for one!

Let’s take a look at the oodles of services we are providing at our barbershop

  • Haircuts
  • Hair treatment
  • Hair-styling
  • Old-school hairstyles
  • Trendy hairdo
  • Clean Shave
  • Beard trimming

We take pride in claiming that we are skilled in the multitude of barbering skills. We are highly professional barbers that deliver men’s haircuts with great competence, take a quick look at the variety of hairstyles we are able to do:

  1. Slick back hairstyle
  2. Side part haircut
  3. Flat top haircut
  4. Pompadour Haircut
  5. Crop Top Haircut
  6. Textured Haircut
  7. Custom haircut
  8. Mohawks Haircut
  9. Crew Cut Haircut

It’s not just that, there are lots of beauty services too that we offer for men such as waxing, pedicure etc. We are the right platform for you that has the most elegant salon services, and we cover all the areas that you want.

Experience innovation and immense comfort with us as the exotic ambience of our salon will make you feel homey and friendly. Visit our barbershop that is near you and get the best out of it.

Abel Gonzalez

Owner & Barber at BarrelHouse Barber Lounge

Graduated American Institute Beauty 2014
Scalp Micro Pigmentation Certified S.T.A.R 2018
Full Service Barber Licensed in Florida

I have a genuine love for the barber craft. With the proof that barbering saved my life, I give it all back to my clients. Custom, tailored haircuts specific to each individual. I personalize every facet of your cut through your direction.

Traditional authentic old-school barbering where we not only provide the service beyond expectation but also get to know you personally.

If you see things through my eyes for a sec you’ll realize the importance of a Barber client relationship. The cut that helped get you the job, promotion, date, spouse, to me it’s more than a cut it’s the door to anther opportunity.

And it’ll be that way the first time you sit in my chair all the way till the very last.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Honest Abe

Shawn Wick

Barber at BarrelHouse Barber Lounge

Graduated American Institute Beauty 2014
Full Service Barber Licensed in Florida

I learned I had a love for barbering early. My mother came down from New York in the late 80’s and began her career at Tampa Hair, I watched her grow from there to her own high end salon and platform work with the best in the industry. It was there, watching them perform their artistry, that I fell in love with the craft.

After completing the master barber program I choose to challenge myself by surrounding myself with award winning barbers and soaking everything in, I began to realize barbering runs in my families veins, the bond created through clippers, scissors , combs and straight razors is priceless.

I have been blessed in my career to have a clientele that ranges from hockey players, football, baseball, news anchors, comedians, and at the end of the day no one cut is more important than the next, each client is valued and given a precision custom hair cut , I love the art of barbering so I educated myself.

Feel free to finesse whatever you have to,

Shawn “Master barber” Wick

Barrelhouse Barber Lounge in Tampa, Florida

We care about, and pride ourselves in high quality men’s haircuts, exceptional service, happy clients and a relaxed environment where everyone is welcomed. We are so relaxed and comfortable, feel free to BYOB!

If you are new to barbershops, don’t worry. We will guide you through your perfect haircut based on what you want, and what style you desire! We aren’t a chop shop where the barber doesn’t know your name, rushes the cut, or worst does something you didn’t want. We here at BarrelHouse care about our customers and their satisfaction.

To BarrelHouse, our customers are our friends and family. We take the time to get to know you, and take the time to execute your perfect cut – guaranteed!

Are you are looking for a better barber? Well you’ve come to the right place! We not only frequently fix other shop’s mistakes, we will work one-on-one with you to give you the cut you have always wanted, and we’ll make you look good!

If you want a mediocre cut at a trendy shop, we aren’t your barber, BUT if you are looking for the best barber services in the Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County Area, do yourself a favor and book with us. We are the best, and don’t make the mistake of thinking you will get it anywhere else. We just know we are that good!

We are a full-service barber lounge, offering haircuts, beard/shave services and combined services.

Chic Shed Full Specialist Beauty Services

Natasha Gonzalez

Owner of Chic Shed

Graduated as a Full Specialist 2017
Chic Shed Shares Building with BarrelHouse

I started this journey wanting to do nails which I had been doing on myself for years. I’ve always loved the artistry that comes with it.

Given the opportunity to learn more skills that will help people everywhere feel more confident about themselves I took it becoming an esthetician learning about waxing and skin care.

I truly am a full specialist with the strong belief that the best thing a person can leave with is a smile and I make sure each of my clients do. I hope to grow with my clients learning new things about them and there needs.

Here’s to provide the best service possible,

Natasha Gonzalez

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