Well the trained barbers of BarrelHouse are expert in making all these haircuts, take a look and see what suits you

  • Spiky haircut
  • Long fringes haircut
  • Crop haircut
  • Messy textures haircut


No matter what type of hair texture you have these popular haircuts will give your looks a new lease of life. In this age, it is must to look fashionable and trendy. So first take a look at what kind of haircuts are in and popular nowadays and then take a walk to Barrelhouse and tell your barber to get it done.

  1.  Thick Curly Hair & High Bald Taper Fade

In this haircut barber will do a clean, spotless fade on both sides including back, on top he will make dense curly hair. It is considered one of the swankiest styles nowadays. The curly tuft on top adds a great beauty in this haircut.

  1. Crew Cut & high Fade and Full Beard

It is yet another modish haircut, and a high majority of men is following the trend of this haircut. This haircut has a side swept on the front that makes it look classy. On the sides there is high fade, line up that goes with the hairline makes it look a thing of modernity.

  1. Slicked Back Undercut & Long Beard

It is typically a representation of a modern man as it comes with huge brushed back hair along with a full beard. This is purely a manly look. Barbers of Barrelhouse have set their hands on it brilliantly, try it.

  1. High Skin Fade & Hard Part Comb Over

It is ever-green I guess, or it is all times favorite for men, in it, the sides come with high skin fade, on the top, there is a comb-over. In this haircut, men cut a dash and look gorgeous for sure.

  1. Textured Top & Taper Fade and Beard

This is a spiky thing that is loved by the young ones particularly, in it, there is a textured-top that goes with a little taper on sides. This is considered a natural hair styling that makes it an evergreen one.

  1. Buzz Cut & Fade

It is sophisticated and stylish at the same time; a trained-barber of Barrelhouse takes a little time in getting it done.

  1. High Skin Pompadour + Beard

It is another men’s top choice haircut, and that makes it immensely popular amongst men. It is carved beautifully, and it delivers a great deal of versatility. It comes with shaved sides, a dense section and a grown beard.

  1. Side Part + Mid Fade

What an adorable haircut it is, it makes you look classic. It has a traditional mid-fade from sides, what is unique about it is its textured hair that is brushed entirely to one side.

  1. Burst Fade Fohawk/FauxHawk

You can call it a super-modish form of a faux hawk, and it is one edgy haircut that comes with a burst fade. The spiky hair in this hair-cut makes it aesthetic no doubt.

There is much more to come that you can have by making an entry in the highest quality lounge of Barrelhouse barber shop Tampa Florida. The professionals are there for your incredible transformation, sublime quality of work is promised there. In reasonable prices, you get the best services at the best barber shop in the town. There will be nothing wrong in saying that you will enjoy a champagne taste in a beer budget.